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Pictures and prices will be available, as and when I make a new product. Please bear with me as I am building these items in my spare time as a hobby.

View our dedicated bee vac web site justbeevacs where all Beevacs and sundry items are advertised as and when we have designed and made them.

At Beespoke Homes and Hives we decided that it was time for a different approach to an old method of bee keeping etc. We are looking at the problems encountered from both the new beekeepers coming into the hobby, and the simplistic way that bees are or can be collected when in swarms.

We are looking at the problems etc encountered from the bees point of view, when they have been collected, and as such we would not like them to be stressed any more than they have to be. With this in mind we have re-designed a few of our bespoke bee hives and bee vacs as well with the bilateral interest in bird nesting boxes, and other wildlife items to be designed around the insect / bird / animal kingdom, instead of just what we the human race believe we should be doing for these creatures and insects.

As such we looked at what we think is the best humane way to look after them, by looking at the way we can house birds, to help them grow in number as well as have the pleasure of the little antics they carry out.

We have also viewed very closely at the way we catch and transport bees, as such we have trawled the Internet to find ideas from around the world in which to base our new designs etc. and in turn we have completely reviewed our methods.

Although there was nothing wrong or harmful to the bees in the way they were collected, we just felt there had to be an easier and more beneficial method available, after all a stress free bee is a happy bee, a happy be produces a lot of honey.  

We now look at the capture and transportation of bees in a completely different way.

We shall be constantly adding items or changing the items we already carry in our stock.

All items are individually made.

Once designed and I am happy with them, there will be pictures and prices added to our website.

We carry out a lot more bee vac sales than hives or other items, and as such we are constantly changing the designs and sizes of bee vacs and only build other items as a side line to the bee vacs.

All of our hives and boxes are made by hand and to order, I am not a carpenter by trade but make these as a hobby, There may be a few construction / cut marks on the finished item, but I do take care not to tear the edges where possible. I make a very small profit per item and do not use inferior materials.

The ply is top quality builders ply, at varying thickness according to work being carried out, the paint I use is a top notch spirit based wood stain applied with a minimum of two coats and should last a few years. The finished items will not be sold until I am happy that the treated areas have cured for a few weeks, thus ensuring all is dry. I shall be experimenting with a high quality water based treatment at a later date but I need to be convinced of its longevity as far as protection is concerned.

Each item can be adapted to suit your needs, which may incur extra cost, however the prices shown are as per our normal stock items at the time of production. Items may vary slightly in design from those shown in the pictures due to constant improving of the items.